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Terrafirma Equipment Sales & Rentals Inc.

Terrafirma carries a wide range of demolition products. Product dealer for excavator mounted Vibra-Ram Shears and Concrete Pulverizer in many sizes as well as being the North American dealer for HKS Rotary Actuators.


With many years of experience, Terrafirma Equipment can help you carry out your needs while returning a profit for you, also with the utmost care for the environment. Terrafirma Equipment believes in the most environment friendly ways when demolition projects are concerned and can provide you with the proper equipment to carry out the job.


With the tools from Terrafirma Equipment your demolition project will be totally recyclable compared to the old demolition ways of the wrecking ball or blowing them up. Everything can be recycled, steel and concrete.






18104 - 111 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta T5S 2R1, Canada
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