Breaker Rebuild

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Breakers are hard-working pieces of equipment, and after a period of time, they look the part: scratched, worn out, and not working as efficiently. Without proper maintenance, a breaker will stop working long before its time. Don’t let an expensive investment go to waste!

At Terrafirma, we have a state-of-the-art workshop, maned (and womaned) by highly skilled technicians, who are trained to service a wide variety of hydraulic breakers. We repair broken parts, replace wear parts, weld, lubricate components, and repaint, making your well-used breaker look – and work – like new.

Below is a series of pictures taken of a breaker rebuild in progress:

rebuild 02

rebuild 01

rebuild 03

Here is the original breaker, looking quite beat up. The compoents have been removed, and the work has been started – some new welding at the end of the hammer box.

rebuild 04 

While the inner components are being worked on, the hammer box gets a fresh coat of paint, going from scratched and worn looking, to a bright and shiny yellow.

rebuild 06 rebuild 07

Justin, head technician, gets to work repairing the tool holder component.

rebuild 08

rebuild 09 rebuild 11

Once done, he reassembles the tool holder and reinserts the piston into the cylinder.

rebuild 12 rebuild 14

The breaker assembly is completed, and is ready for reinsertion into the breaker box.

rebuild 15 rebuild 17

rebuild 19

Justin uses Terrafirma’s massive rail-mounted crane to move the breaker assembly into the breaker box.

rebuild 20 rebuild 21

Finally, the breaker is mounted on to one of our excavators, and gives it a test. Before heading out the door, the breaker is decaled. The breaker is now on a customer’s site, ready to be used again.

rebuild 22

Terrafirma’s owner, Erich Janke, took this great photo of some of our staff posing with the breaker.

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