Introducing the RBR 12 From SBM

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Finally, an environmentally friendly solution to RECYCLING MIXED CONCRETE!

Safe disposal of cement based products and concrete is a serious concern. Concrete is a necessary material and its everywhere! In an industry where your material will set and timing is crucial, it is better to go to a site prepared with a little extra then be short on materials. That is why there is usually residual mixed concrete at the end of each job, not to mention the runoff from cleaning the equipment. A “little extra” adds up to a huge problem and many people do not know the serious impact these materials can have on the environment. 

According to the guide on safe disposal of concrete and cement based products published by the City Of Edmonton, mishandling of runoff waste water from these residual materials can potentially have a detrimental effect on the environment. Not only can the chemical contents of cement and concrete waste water (which includes lime) be lethal to fish, plants and insects but the high PH level is as toxic as bleach and can cause burns similar to strong acid. As stated in the city’s guide, Concrete waste water CAN NOT be adequately filtered to reduce its toxicity and a single bucket would be enough to kill hundreds of fish!

Though there are rules and regulations in place to try offset the impact of such a toxic substance there has never been an effective way to recycle this residual material and keep it out of the environment until now.   

SBM has introduced Mobile and Stationary Residual Concrete Reclaiming Plants 

The plants are used to process the residual concrete resulting from truck mixers and mixer cleaning. Concrete aggregate and water are separated from each other and are fed back into concrete production NOT into our environment.

The RBR 12 has a number of benefits including: 

-Increase your profits
-Save fresh water and aggregate
-Protect the environment
-Salvage previously wasted mixed materials

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