SBM Expert Days – Day 1

2017-09-13T16:59:57+00:00 September 13th, 2017|News|

Right now, several members of the Terrafirma staff as well as some VIP customers are in Austria attending SBM’s “Expert Days” event.

During this event, people will have the amazing opportunity to tour the SBM plant, view a variety of SBM technology exhibits, and attend a presentation outlining SBM offerings.

Today is day one, and we wanted to share a few pictures of the event with you:

SBM Days 1

SBM Days 3SBM Days 4

SBM Days 5

SBM Days 6SBM Days 7

SBM Days 8

SBM Days 9SBM Days 10

Terrafirma is the North American dealer for SBM crushing equipment and concrete mixing plants. Want to learn more about SBM and their offerings? Check out our aggregates page, and visit the SBM website.

We also have a number of YouTube videos posted showing our SBM rental equipment in action.

Here is our equipment at a Valleyview job site.

Here is our equipment at a Battle River job site.

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