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Unbeatable Duo for Wind Farm Foundations

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SBM Mineral Processing Offers an Unbeatable Duo for Wind Farm Foundations


In recent years the EUROMIX® line of concrete mixing plants made by SBM has proven to be an extremely efficient and reliable partner for the construction industry: showcasing a solid competitive edge and numerous advantages in the production of Wind Farms. The outstanding qualities of these super mobile concrete mixing plants convince with a variety of applications that surpass industry standards and compliment green initiatives being implemented by contractors and governments around the world today.

25 % CO2 Reduction with Onsite Production
Clients can decrease CO2 and increase profit due to the mobility of the super mobile EUROMIX®. Producing concrete directly on site reduces CO2-emissions by up to 25% as the required concrete is produced on or in close proximity of the construction site resulting in enhanced building site logistics; even small construction sites can work profitably.

No Foundation Necessary

The modular space saving plant systems are completely autonomous and do not require concrete foundations. They are designed to fit into every construction site accessible by truck; further lowering the environmental footprint and set up costs. The centrally controlled systems work together perfectly and fulfil the complete package of performance requirements even under the most extreme conditions in year round production  

Eco-friendly Concrete Production has Many Advantages

  • Short transport distances on the construction site
  • Time-independent material supply
  • Just-in-time concrete production
  • Distinctly reduced traffic
  • Independent of public traffic
  • Quick and cheap relocations
  • Rapid start-up
  • Erection on every site accessible by trucks
  • No foundations necessary

Production of All Types of Quality Concrete
No matter if you need concrete for all kind of buildings, roads or special concrete for extremely high mechanical stress – EUROMIX®  plants ensure smooth production flow of concrete all year round even under extreme conditions. The vast SBM product portfolio includes even the super mobile specialist EUROMIX® 500 SM Compact to produce UHPC (Ultra-High-Performance-Concrete).


EUROMIX® 500 SM WEA Compact made by SBM Mineral Processing is the star among super mobile concrete mixing plants. It produces UHPC (ultra-high performance concrete) completely independently of extern connections.


Due to a truck trailer with integrated water and power supply, the system is excellently suited for off-road operations without infra-structure, such as building wind energy plants, railway lines, tunnels or bridges. In these fields of operations, the greatest challenges to concrete technology and quality assurance have to be met and can only be fulfilled by the best. 

Strong Commitment to Wind Energy
The EUROMIX® 500 SM WEA Compact is ideal for completing the foundations of wind energy plants. 
To be able to counteract the extreme forces and to assure both function and safety of wind plants, the annular gap between concrete foundation and the tower of the wind plant is poured with UHPC (ultra-high performance concrete). For this purpose, an extremely superior fibre-reinforced concrete has to be produced in the open air within the shortest time possible.
The location-independent concrete mixing plant EUROMIX® 500 SM WEA Compact with integrated concrete pump presses the special concrete directly into the annular gap. The mobile mixing plant can independently supply four of these sites per day. Materials supply is carried out by a separate supply vehicle ensuring direct transfer of the concrete additives on the building site.


Innovative and Profitable
“Our exceptionally powerful EUROMIX® 500 SM WEA Compact is the most efficient solution for all manufacturers of mobile high-quality concrete“, Ing. Gerhard Gschwandtner and Ing. Helmuth Neubacher enthuse. Both are master engineers who manage the business field Concrete Mixing Plants at SBM. A major part of this success can be attributed to the microprocessor controlling the dosing and blending procedures. All processes are recorded electronically and documented by data transfer: meaning that demanding repair and restoration works can be carried out economically.

Looking Forward

With the increasing number of wind energy farms being approved across the Canadian prairies and the push for renewable energy options across the country it is more and more important that contractors understand their options and choose carefully. SBM Mineral Processing has an impressive history and extensive experience with finding solutions to overcome challenges, exceed expectations, and increase their client’s bottom line. SBM leads the way with innovations, state of the art equipment and superior technologies. All these factors come into play when looking to sustainable solutions for the future and contributing to the success in the development of wind farms.


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